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We make medical-grade chitosan from shrimp shells

Our chitosan

Our product is derived from pristine shrimp exoskeletons, grown in a precisely controlled environment with unprecedented traceability. The result: superior chitosan naturally low in heavy metals and other impurities.

Formulations available according to:

Deacetylation (DDA)

Molecular weight


USP-NF conforming

meets monograph standards set forth by US Pharmacopeia and National Formulary

GMP compliant

adheres to all manufacturing standards set forth by the US Food & Drug Administration

FDA registered

facility meets all requirements set forth by the Int'l Organization for Standards (ISO 9001)

Single source

formulated from a consistent, traceable supply of shrimp with Certificate of Origin included

Certified quality

synthesized from premium trū Shrimp biomatter with included Certificate of Authenticity

Domestic production

each step in the shrimp-to-chitosan synthesis process occurs within in the United States

Let's talk chitosan.

Our experienced chitosan pros are here to provide detailed information and help assess your unique needs.

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Made from premium shrimp

All our raw exoskeleton material is sourced exclusively from trū Shrimp’s captive shrimp production, which raises high-quality whiteleg shrimp in a controlled environment free from pollution, disease or antibiotics.

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