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Why trū Chitosan?

The trū difference starts with the chitin molecule extracted from a single species, single source shrimp exoskeleton tissue raw material produced in our own indoor captive, controlled production of shrimp. 


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Our captive shrimp production yields exoskeleton tissue free of toxic heavy metal pollution, disease, and antibiotics. The pristine Tidal Basin environment is extremely low in gram-negative bacteria, yielding extremely low or undetectable endotoxin content in the final chitosan.

Pristine material

Day-in and day-out, our single-source, single-species exoskeleton tissue raw material produces a consistent chitosan with predictable performance and behavior.

Consistent behavior

Our one and only focus is true medical grade (medical application) chitosan: USP-NF conforming, cGMP compliant and FDA-registered facility-produced chitosan with a pharmaceutical and medical device mindset. 

Medical application focus

Vertical integration yields not only a superior chitosan but enables an industry first complete chain-of-custody and an unprecedented Certificate of Origin with every lot.

Complete chain of custody


The trū Difference

When it comes to shrimp, water is everything. We're masters of water chemistry and shrimp husbandry with the singular goal of creating consistently perfect exoskeleton tissue. And if the shell of our shrimp can produce such a high quality of pharmaceutical or medical device, just imagine how good the trū Shrimp themselves must be!

Revolutionary Technology

The shrimp exoskeleton tissue used to produce trū Chitosan comes exclusively from shrimp cultured in our patented Tidal Basin Technology. Our state-of-the-art vertical farming technology creates a consistent water chemistry environment for shrimp to thrive and produce our pristine tissue.

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