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Our Process

Unlike any other global producer, the production of trū Chitosan is fully integrated. We grow the shrimp, we harvest the exoskeleton tissue, we extract the chitin and we deacetylate it into the specifications you need. Your benefit? Consistent behavior, unmatched purity and a complete chain of custody for safety and peace of mind. Because when it comes to your research, pharmaceutical or medical device, it's gotta be trū.


The dried and ground tissue undergoes biological enumeration testing, lot assignment and chain-of-custody documentation before being packaged. Only then is it transferred to the reactions that yield trū Chitosan.


The precisely prepared and documented tissue is then run through a series of cGMP-governed  reactions and drying steps in an FDA-registered and ISO 9001-certified facility to yield trū Chitosan.


The finished lot of trū Chitosan is tested in certified laboratories (both internal and external) to ensure that it meets the requirements of the USP-NF monograph. Please see trū Chitosan specifications for detail.


With the analysis and documentation complete, a Certificate of Analysis and industry-unique Certificate of Origin are issued.

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Let's talk chitosan.

Our experienced chitosan pros are here to provide detailed information and help assess your unique needs.

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Consistent chitosan behavior begins with consistent exoskeleton tissue. For trū Chitosan, it starts with single-gene, single-species shrimp to produce identical exoskeleton tissue, day-in and day-out. Pacific White Leg shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei) from a single genetic supplier provide the consistent exoskeleton raw material.


We harvest exoskeletal tissue from the shrimp grown in our captive indoor Tidal Basin and immediately preserve it by drying it (<0.60 water activity) and prepare it for conversion by grinding to a precise particle size.

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