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Our Technology

Tidal Basin® Technologies

Our Tidal Basin collective technologies allow us to produce high-quality shrimp at unprecedented rates. By revolutionizing the design of a traditional indoor shrimp raceway, Our sister company trū Shrimp creates the optimal growing conditions for shrimp that are free from disease, toxins and antibiotics—and trū Chitosan uses the high volume of peels and molts to produce our high-quality chitosan.

For more than a decade, Tidal Basin technology has pushed the limits of indoor shrimp production, in terms of both yield efficiency and environmental impact. Our multi-patented technology allows trū Chitosan to bypass many of the challenges faced by other chitosan producers (low supply, unsustainable production, etc.) to deliver a superior product with zero compromise.

Initial Concept

circa 2011

Pilot Facility

circa 2019


Even the world's most productive outdoor farms can't come close to matching the incredible yields made possible by Tidal Basin's ultra-intensive raceway design. 

Extensive farm

yields ~500 lbs. per acre

Intensive farm

yields ~40,000 lbs. per acre

Tidal Basin

yields ~130,000 lbs. per acre

 yield volume*


 stocking density**


 growth rate**


 survival rate**


compared to leading intensive shrimp farms

compared to the 10% highest performing intensive farms in Ecuador



Recognized sustainability

Tidal Basin technology was selected as one of the Solar Impulse Foundation's 1000 Solutions to Change the World, a coveted award recognizing uniquely profitable solutions that are environmentally responsible. 

While traditional shrimp production often comes at the expense of surrounding wetlands, Tidal Basins are engineered to minimize waste and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That's why our innovative process carries the highest sustainability score of any shrimp farm on the planet.

sustainability score*


 lower emissions**


water reused***


Boundless Impact Research & Analytics, 2020

compared to emission rate of extensive shrimp farming techniques

internal data, trū Shrimp





TS 10.jpg

Let's talk chitosan.

Our experienced chitosan pros are here to provide detailed information and help assess your unique needs.

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  • US Patent #
    Date Issued
    Patent Name
    Patent Summary
    December 25, 2012
    March 24, 2014
    April 9, 2019
    System & Method for Super-Intensive Shrimp Production
    • Basic design for the shallow-water raceway (Tidal Basin®)
    • Did not scale to commercial size without subsequent Iterro intellectual property
    • Exclusive Iterro license in U.S. & eight foreign countries

    Aquaculture Environment

    Control Apparatuses, Systems, and Methods

    • Water Management Apparatus aerates, heats and generates Tidal Basin current

    • Removes deleterious material and byproducts

    • Texas A&M University Tidal Basin cannot scale without this technology

    • Patent expires February 3, 2037

  • US Patent #
    Date Issued
    Patent Name
    Patent Summary
    June 7, 2018

    Raceways and Systems


    • Modification enables a current free of eddies and backwaters in the Tidal Basin and greatly enhances removal of deleterious material

    • Design modification to Texas A&M University Tidal Basin patents

    • Tidal Basin cannot scale without this technology

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